The album’s artwork—a departure from the imagery of the “dropout Bear”—aligned perfectly with the album’s minimalist production. The original album cover, art directed by Virgil Abloh and Willo Perron operating under the name Past Tell Museum, features nothing but a photograph of a deflated heart by Kristen Yiengst and a left-border of muted rainbow swatches, resembling the color palette from his previous album Graduation.

The gray background of the album art evokes feelings of emptiness and loneliness which characterized his recent splitting from his fiancé and the death of his mother. In the album’s promotional images, photographed by Willy Vanderperre, Kanye donned a gray blazer with a heart-shaped pin similar Yiengst’s heart. KAWS handled the deluxe album cover, with his iconic gloved hands gripping onto Yiengst's heart and the left-border appearing more vibrant.